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Leaving CLG and why the LEC is better | Finn reveals all!

After crashing out of Worlds 2020 in groups with Rogue, Finn ‘Finn’ Wiestal looked for a sea change with CLG in North America. It didn’t pan out for the Swedish star, moving back to the LEC after just one year ⁠— with plenty of lessons learned on his journey.

Finn made a big decision after Worlds 2020, moving from Europe to North America to join CLG. However, while there was promise in the team’s roster, it didn’t end up working, falling to a last-place finish come LCS Summer 2021.

Finn felt like he was in “Groundhog Day,” with the team focusing on just putting bandaids on their problems rather than fixing them entirely. He looked for a chance to get back to Europe, landing a spot on Excel ⁠in LEC 2022 — and he’s ready to hit the ground running.

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