Liam Hemsworth Abandons Vegan Diet for Health Reasons

The actor underwent surgery last year on a kidney stone formed by the accumulation of oxalate, abundant in vegetables.

The Hemsworth family is an example of good health: they enjoy the outdoors, take care of their diet, play sports … However, the youngest of the brothers, Liam Hemsworth, has been forced to leave the train of good practice after undergoing a kidney stone surgery following a vegan diet, as it was due to an accumulation of oxalate, an abundant component in vegetables. “They were the most painful weeks of my life. I was with the promotion of Isn’t it romantic? But I had to go to the hospital and have an operation, ”said the actor who has already introduced animal products into his diet.

As he reported to Men’s Health magazine, he began to feel exhausted in early 2019 and was later diagnosed with kidney stone, so he had to undergo surgery. He had been a vegan for four years, but Hemsworth had to rethink his diet because there are chances of having the same problem again if he maintains the type of diet. “Every morning I had five handfuls of spinach and then almond milk, almond butter, and also some vegan protein in a smoothie. So I considered it very healthy. So I had to completely rethink what I was getting into my body, “he said.

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What led the actor to go vegan was not the idea of ​​protecting animals, but a healthy end. It started before the filming of Independence Day: Resurgence and the first two years it felt “great.” “My body was strong, my cardio was high. What he was saying to everyone was, ‘Look, you can read whatever you want. But you have to experience it for yourself. You have to find out what is best for your body, “he recalls. But he took it to the extreme, as he acknowledges that he finds it difficult to find the midpoint of things: “My mother always makes fun of me saying: ‘If you could find a happy medium among all the things you do, then you would probably be better.”

Among other extreme routines, although they have not caused any problems for the moment, are ice baths. “When I’m exercising hard, if I include an ice bath, my recovery is better,” he admits about a practice he shares with his brother Chris Hemsworth. Both actors are very close and want to shoot an action comedy together this year, as the little boy explained.

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In fact, such is the family’s fondness for healthy living that Chris Hemsworth gave free access until the end of March to his Centrfit fitness app on the occasion of confinement due to the coronavirus crisis. “In this moment where there is so much uncertainty, I believe more than ever that we should focus on those that I consider the three pillars to live healthy and happy: movement, nutrition and physical fitness,” the interpreter explained in a video that he published on his Instagram account. . The objective of this initiative is “to help more people stay healthy, strong and find a sense of calm” in these difficult times.

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Hi there all, during this period of self isolation and uncertainty, I am offering six weeks of my health and fitness program @Centrfit for FREE! Go to and sign-up.  Centr was founded to make health and happiness accessible to all, and I hope that this will make that access even easier during the current global health crisis. I think now more than ever is when we need to focus on what I believe to be the 3 key pillars to living healthier and happier- movement, nutrition, and mental fitness. In recent weeks Centr has seen a groundswell of support from our customers and communities, with thousands of members around the world coming together and sharing how the program has brought them positivity and support during these difficult times. Available at only, for new users only.

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Hemsworth, his wife Elsa Pataky, and Luke Zocchi, the actor’s friend and personal trainer, launched Centrfit just over a year ago to offer more than just exercise tables. Recipes, diets, meditation and mindfulness, to reduce stress, are some of the tools that complement the physical activities they offer. They have the collaboration of nutritionists, experts in vegan, vegetarian and semi-vegetarian food, yoga teachers, chefs and other specialists. “This application was created to give people the opportunity to access a team that I have had for years,” revealed the interpreter at the beginning of this project, adding: “I wanted an easy-to-use platform to which the people could access from anywhere and at any time. ”

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