Linda Nolan reveals cancer has spread to her brain

Linda Nolan, a member of the popular music group The Nolans, has recently shared some devastating news about her ongoing battle with cancer. In an interview with Good Morning Britain, Linda revealed that her cancer has now spread to her brain, which she described as a “scary” development.

Linda has been battling cancer since 2005 and has previously experienced two recurrences of the disease. In 2020, she shared that she had been diagnosed with liver cancer for the third time. Linda is set to undergo radiotherapy and a new drug treatment that has shown promise in treating brain cancer.

Despite the challenges she is facing, Linda remains positive and determined to fight on. She has said that she is “not giving up” and is hoping that the new treatment will work wonders for her.

Linda’s family has a history of cancer, with her sister Bernie passing away from breast cancer in 2013 at the age of 52. Linda’s other sister Anne has also battled breast cancer twice.

Linda’s news is heartbreaking for her family, friends, and fans. However, they are all rallying around her and supporting her through this difficult time.

Shawna Michael

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