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LPL org Suning rename as Weibo Gaming in major acquisition

Chinese esports organization and League of Legends World Championship runner-up Suning has been acquired by Sina Corporation, the owners of social media platform Weibo.

One of the better teams in the world in 2020, Suning have officially been renamed Weibo Gaming, as part of an acquisition by the parent company behind the popular microblogging and social network of the same name.

Best known for their time competing in LPL, the top flight League of Legends competition in China, Suning’s best performances came in 2020 when they won the LPL Regional Finals and came second to only DAMWON Gaming (now DWG KIA) at the World Championship.

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The acquisition, and subsequent branding changes, were announced on Weibo on November 21 and come into effect “with immediate effect.” Financial terms were not disclosed.

Weibo Gaming players

It appears as if Weibo Gaming will debut in the LPL at the start of the 2022 Spring Split.

Weibo Gaming will continue to compete in League of Legends: Wild Rift and Hearthstone as part of the takeover and aim to uphold the “born to win” team spirit of the org.

Their main operation in League of Legends is set to remain unchanged as it heads into the 2022 season, with all of the former Suning players committing to remain with Weibo Gaming through the next year.

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If the roster does indeed evade alteration, the social media giants will be represented by top laner Bin, jungle SofM, mid lane Angel, bot lane huanfeng, and support ON in the LPL and — they hope — international events like Worlds.

In other recent merger and acquisition news, popular North American esports organizations OpTic Gaming and Envy Gaming officially joined forces earlier in November 2021.

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