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Mafia III studio is working on a sci-fi game

The Hangar 13 project is part of a new franchise

Hangar 13, Mafia III developer studio and manager of the Mafia series, has several projects on the horizon. Recent information suggests that one of them is a science fiction game.

What happens is that information recently appeared on vacancies that Hangar 13 seeks to fill soon (via ResetEra). The studio is currently seeking staff to join its animation, art, audio, technology, game design, programming and writing teams.

As you probably know, the interesting thing about job openings is rarely that the studio is looking for staff. What really catches our attention is that they are usually a place where developers share information about what they are working on.

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In the case of Hangar 13 it was revealed that they are planning a sci-fi game. It is a project with open world elements, which was confirmed in July 2018. It is worth mentioning that it will be a project where the narrative will be important and where there will be human and other species characters.

“You love stories. You love consuming them, you love creating them, and you love dissecting them. It is preferred that you have an appreciation for multiple genres (not just science fiction and fantasy)”, says the vacancy update.

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