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Mario Kart Tour celebrates end of the year with new character

The special New Year's cup has already started in the mobile game.

The company prepared one last special cup, so it’s time for you to get ready to compete and get the best rewards. As it is a competition to ring in the New Year, there will be characters with gala outfits for the occasion.

The most important additions are a new driver and a variant of one of the most challenging circuits in the entire franchise. You do not have to wait any longer to know the news, as they are already available.

Mario Kart Tour will close 2020 with these news

The New Years tour will put players to the test as some of the races will take place on RMX Rainbow Road 2, a new variant of the popular and colorful circuit. On the other hand, Toad and Pauline will return for a limited time with special outfits.
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The cup came with Lakitu, a character we commonly see in his cloud as an assistant at the start of the series’ races. Now, the Lakitu will take the wheel to compete against the rest of the Mario Kart Tour racers.

Nintendo shared a video to show Lakitu in a race on RMX Rainbow Road 2.
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We also get to see some of the vehicles and festive items that are part of the end of the year celebrations.

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