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Merkel Doubts Agreement on Recovery Plan for the European Union

What Happened?

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has doubts that the leaders of the 27 countries of the European Union (EU) will reach an agreement on the proposed € 750 billion recovery plan to deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

“I do not know if we will reach an agreement” at the European summit to be held Friday and Saturday, he warned at a press conference with the president of the Italian Council, Giuseppe Conte, in Meseberg, near Berlin.

What did Merkel Say?

“Nothing is certain yet. The roads we must travel are still far away,” he added. “I cannot say whether or not we will reach an agreement from Friday, but it would be fine for Europe.”

The conservative leader, who welcomed “the admirable discipline and patience” of the Italians, greatly affected by the pandemic, insisted on the need for a strong response to the crisis that affects the European economies.

She rejected any idea of reducing this recovery plan, and insisted on the contrary that it should “be massive”.

Austria, the Netherlands, Sweden and Finland are suspicious of the plan, which will be especially for the benefit of the countries of southern Europe, Italy and Spain in the first place, the most affected by the pandemic.


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