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Methodz leaves Toronto Ultra – Dexerto

Toronto Ultra substitute Anthony ‘Methodz’ Zinni has officially parted ways with the Call of Duty League team. 

Methodz was the only potential point of change in a Toronto Ultra roster whose starting lineup will be staying together for 2022.

Having been benched in March 2021, the veteran player had announced earlier in the offseason that he had been given permission to explore options with a new team.

Now, he has officially left Toronto, with his future unclear.

Methodz becomes a free agent

Methodz spent most of the 2021 season outside Toronto’s starting lineup.

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Having served as a starter in Toronto for the first season of the CDL, Methodz was benched in March 2021 following the team’s disastrous Stage 1 Major. He spent the rest of the season playing for various pickup teams such as WestR and EastR.

When the offseason rolled around, it seemed as though Methodz could be leaving Toronto for greener pastures, and a starting spot.

He was later linked with a move to the rumored Washington DC franchise before the deal reportedly fell through.

With all CDL rosters confirmed, with the exception of the vacant 12th slot held by Envy, it is unclear where Methodz’s future lies. It is unlikely he will accept a substitute spot, given that is what he is leaving behind in Toronto.

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However, Methodz himself is showing nothing but confidence.

Fans are sure to keep a close eye on the next move of such an iconic name in the pro CoD community.

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