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Mieruko-chan to star in product lottery in Japan

The Japanese lottery KUJIBIKIDO, a division of Kadokawa, announced a collaboration with the animated franchise of Mieruko-chan, at the opening of a product giveaway that will begin on December 9 in Japan. Participation tickets will be priced at 770 yen (about US $ 7) and the press release writes:

«The products will be original items with freshly drawn illustrations of the main character, Miko. There are a lot of products that make you see or not see the monster, like the tapestry that makes the monster pop out when you turn it, the transparent folder that hides the monster when you put paper in it, etc. Also, during this period, if you follow and retweet the official KUJIBIKIDO account, 10 people will be chosen by lottery to receive a set of metal plates! Do not miss this opportunity».

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