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Minecraft Earth will cease to exist in the coming months due to the pandemic

It seems that the game for iOS and Android did not have the expected success

Minecraft Earth, the augmented reality project that sought to bring Minecraft’s adventures to the real world, appears to have not had the expected success. What happens is that it was confirmed that the game will stop being available before the end of the year.

In a post on the official Minecraft blog, the Minecraft Earth team confirmed that the game will be discontinued as of June 2021. To be exact, it will be June 30 when all support for Minecraft content and services will be discontinued. Earth

What does the last thing mean? That, as of the established date, it will be impossible to download or play Minecraft Earth officially. Additionally, starting July 1, Mojang Studios will remove all player information from Minecraft Earth that is unrelated to the character creator or Minecoins.

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