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Monkey Suffering from Alcoholism Attacked 250 People and Killed One of Them in India

What happened?

A monkey attacked and injured around 250 people on the streets of India, even causing the death of one of them.

Kalua’s Story

The origin of this particular story has as its protagonist a six-year-old ape, named Kalua, who belonged to a man who officiated as an occultist and who regularly gave alcohol to the animal.

However, after the death of its owner, the monkey stopped receiving its normal doses of alcohol, which caused it to become aggressive and begin to roam the streets of the city of Mirzapur attacking people, according to the Daily Mail slogan.

It is indicated that the main target of their attacks were women and girls, leaving many minors injured, who even, in some cases, had to need plastic surgeries due to the damage caused to their faces by the ape’s fangs.

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Monkey Catch

After attacking and injuring around 250 people, including one death, the mammal was finally captured and held in captivity at the Kanpur City Zoo.

In this place, the vets realized that the monkey, in addition to being an alcoholic, refused to eat vegetables, so it is presumed that his deceased owner also fed him meat, which would have contributed to his anger by not being able to consume it regularly.

Condemned to a Cage

At the zoo, it was also noted that Kalua had a tendency to attack female caretakers and other apes if they were placed in the same cell.

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Considering this, it was established that the monkey will spend the rest of its life locked in a cage due to the risk it represents for the workers and other animals on the premises.

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