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Monster Hunter movie generated less than $8 million at its premiere

Capcom's video game adaptation lost the Chinese market due to a racist controversy

The film industry has suffered harshly from the COVID-19 pandemic, as there are practically no theaters open in the most important markets and there are no premieres because most chose to do so until next year waiting for things to improve. Even with an adverse environment, the producers of the Monster Hunter film tried their luck by releasing the film in the United States on December 18 and the box office results have arrived.

According to a report by Box Office Mojo (via, the premiere of the Monster Hunter movie yielded revenues of $ 2.2 million USD, a figure that added to the $ 4.8 million USD obtained after the worldwide launch, accounts for the reception of the final product among the public and the state of the film industry around the world, especially when showing the contrast with what was recorded by Sonic: The Movie, a film that achieved the honeys of box office success due to its premiere place before the health crisis that hit the world.

Unfortunately, if at any time the Monster Hunter movie had a chance of success at the income level, it was with its premiere in the Chinese market, but this was spoiled due to a controversy generated by a dialogue that made mention of a racist expression against of the Chinese people, which, for some reason, was not taken into account by the production nor was it visible to the content reviewers of the Asian country.

The difficult situation that the Monster Hunter movie went through is contrary to the success of the franchise, since Monster Hunter World has been a success for 3 years and is currently the best-selling game in Capcom’s history.


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