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My Hero Academia Anime Season 6 Announced

Heroes and villains will return to the screen with new confrontations.

My Hero Academia has confirmed that it is preparing for Season 6 of the anime, which is already in production after the end of the fifth season this weekend.

The news has been confirmed on the social networks of Boku no Hero , however, there are still very few details that are available about its premiere, so fans will have to wait as weeks go by to have more information about it.
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The truth is that fans of the work created Kohei Horikoshi have a very high expectation regarding what the animated adaptation of the Paranormal Liberation War arc can be, in which it could undoubtedly be the most intense and exciting stage of the series.

Although season 5 of the anime changed the order of the arches in relation to its simile from the manga, the end of My Villain Academia has left everything ready for the next great conflict, since everything indicates that a great war is coming while the Front of Paranormal Liberation prepares for its first real move under its new commander, Tomura Shigaraki.

On the other hand, Deku is beginning to unlock the powers and secrets that still persist in One For All, so surely great emotions and confrontations await us in the next episodes of My Hero Academia . Now, it only remains to wait for a release date and for the first advances that will be presented in the coming months.

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