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Netflix to present information on more than twenty anime projects this month

In a new press release the platform Netflix revealed more details of their upcoming special event titled “Netflix Festival Japan 2021“, Which will take place on November 9 and 10 of this year. Netflix plans to introduce its users to an exciting lineup of anime and live-action titles. This event will be broadcast globally on YouTube channels of Netflix Japan and Netflix Anime. (All times are in Japan Standard Time).

  • 10:00 hours
    • Greetings from Netflix (Ted Sarandos, Kaata Sakamoto).
    • Presentation by the “Anime Moderator”.
      • Musical interpretation (Yugo Kanno).
      • Chat session (Ai Fairouz, Mutsumi Tamura, Mariya Ise).
  • 11:00 hours
    • Presentation of the Catalog of Anime Releases (More than twenty titles) (Hisanori Yoshida, Marie Iitoyo).
  • 12:00 hours
    • Netflix Anime Panel: Discovering the Next Generation of Writers
      • Shuhei hosono (Editor-in-Chief of the Shonen Jump Plus / Shueisha).
      • George wada (President and CEO of WIT Studio).
      • Kohei Obara (Anime Producer on Netflix).
    • TsudaKen Time – Chat session with Kenjirou tsuda.
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The initial statement wrote: «In the six years since Netflix has been available in Japan, it has broadcast a wide range of titles to domestic audiences. We have strengthened our line by including international live action titles such as Stranger things, Money heist and Crash Landing on You, Japanese live-action titles such as The Naked Director and Alice in borderland that drew attention both locally and abroad, and anime titles of various genres, such as DEVILMAN Crybaby, Baki and Rilakkuma to Kaoru-san. This two-day event will introduce fans to a broad genre of upcoming titles, star titles from around the world, Japanese live-action and anime titles, movies, series, unscripted shows, documentaries and much more.».

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