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New Switch bug prevents you from starting the console

Nintendo acknowledged the mistake and apologized.

New owners of a Nintendo Switch in Japan have had a hard time releasing their console. What happens is that an error appears that prevents them from going beyond the initial configuration, which takes away the illusion of releasing it. Fortunately, Nintendo already recognized the problem.

On its support page (translated by Nintendo Life ), Nintendo acknowledged the “2162–0002” bug. In addition, he took the opportunity to offer an apology for the inconvenience generated by this situation.

Later, Nintendo demonstrated its intention to serve players who have been affected by this bug. What happens is that he indicated that he will replace the consoles of those affected.

For users with this error to be able to change their Switch for one that works, they will have to request it when filling out an online document.

WHAT IS ERROR 2162–0002?

In case you’ve never heard of bug 2162–0002, here’s an issue that’s affecting new Nintendo Switch consoles.

This is an error that appears during the initial setup of the hybrid console. The big problem that it generates is that it makes it impossible to finish the initial configuration, which prevents them from being able to release their newly purchased console.

At the moment it is unknown what causes it or if there is a solution. It is also not known how common it is, but it does not appear to be generalizing.

“We will be on the lookout and let you know when we learn more about this error” informed the company.


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