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New Yorkers to sue World Health Organization

According to what was reported by Reuters, Westchester residents will move forward with a lawsuit accusing the WHO of “Gross Negligence”.

In accordance with what is being reported this Tuesday by the Reuters agency, Westchester residents of New York state will file a lawsuit against the World Health Organization.

As explained, the petitioners accuse the WHO of not having acted quickly enough to control the outbreak in China and of taking too long to declare a pandemic state or to enact the right recommendations for the states that are part of its organization.

However, the accusations go even further, accusing even the WHO of having conspired with China to hide the danger of the COVID -19 outbreak.

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Questioned by Reuters, the WHO did not want to give an immediate response, but Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director of this body, has defended the way the whole process was managed.

Richard Kling and Steve Rotker, both from New Rochelle, and Gennaro Purchia from Scarsdale have already sent the claim to the federal court in White Plains, New York, seeking compensation for the damage caused by WHO to the more than 750,000 residents of Westchester.

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