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Nigma Galaxy put CSGO division on hold: “Will look into it in the future”

Middle Eastern esports organization Nigma Galaxy have confirmed their withdrawal from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for the foreseeable future.

When esports orgs Nigma and Galaxy Racer announced their merger in September 2021, they made it clear that they had ambitions of becoming the “biggest esports organization” within the next three years.

The new competitive arm of Galaxy Racer, Nigma Galaxy have wasted little time in making major changes to their esports strategy — one of which, as Dexerto have learned, is departing from Valve’s FPS title.

Their Swedish team, headlined by former Fnatic and NIP player Simon ‘twist’ Eliasson, announced on October 20 that they were looking for a new organization to represent. They are currently ranked 51st in the world by

“The roster is free to explore other opportunities, for the time being we won’t be in CSGO,” Nigma Galaxy confirmed to Dexerto. “We love CSGO and will look into it in the future. We [would be] more than happy if the current CSGO roster finds a home where they will feel comfortable.”

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In the month leading up to their eventual departure from Nigma Galaxy, the team achieved a top-two finish in the Pinnacle Fall Series 2 Regionals and top-four placements in open qualifiers for DreamHack Open November and IEM Winter.

Twist and his Nigma Galaxy teammates Denis ‘⁠grux⁠’ Gutaj, Niclas ‘⁠PlesseN⁠’ Plessen, Adam ‘⁠dezon⁠’ Wahlqvist, and Hugo ‘⁠chawzyyy⁠’ Günther are sticking together and are on the hunt for a new org to compete under moving forward.

While Nigma Galaxy haven’t explicitly stated that they’ve chosen to compete in Valorant over CS:GO, they are now only competing in the former. They currently field two Valorant teams, a men’s squad and a women’s roster, both from the Philippines. Their men’s squad recently competed in the VCT SEA Stage 3: Challengers Playoffs, finishing 13th-16th.

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