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Nimu Spacecat is the first independent VTuber to surpass 1 million subscribers

The Japanese portal (Dimensional Expansion) posted an article noting that the independent Virtual YouTuber Nimu spacecat has exceeded one million cumulative subscribers as of November 6, 2021. According to the site, she is the first independent Virtual YouTuber (that is not affiliated with any representation agency) and the first native of South America to exceed this figure. Overall, she is the 28th Virtual YouTuber to surpass this figure, according to the site’s data.

Nimu spacecat“, Or simply known as”Nimu“, Is a Virtual YouTuber of Argentine origin who began her activities in February 2020. Since September 2020, the content creator tracking platform, Stream Elements, had reported that it was among the Virtual YouTuber in Latin America with the highest number of subscribers, and since July 2021 it has one of the highest growth rates in Twitch.

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His profile is described as follows: «Nimu is very cheerful and charismatic, and interacts very closely with viewers through her social accounts. Viewers describe her as very talkative, funny, and friendly, and it’s easy to start watching.». The Virtual YouTuber also shared her achievement on her official Twitter account, simply by typing «WE GOT TO THE MILLOOOOOOON !!!».


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