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Ninja will be the protagonist of a television series

Fortnite and Halo player says he already recorded his first lines

Not long ago, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, the famous streamer, said that he wanted to get away from video games a bit to get into Hollywood. It is a dream that he is willing to make come true and as proof we have that he has already got the role of the protagonist of a television series

It was through his Twitter account that Ninja told his followers that he had already recorded the first lines of him for a leading role in a TV series. He also made it clear that he did voice acting, which suggests that he is working on a cartoon or series where his character is animated.
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“I actually shot my first lines for a lead role on a television show. Although I can’t share more, the voice acting is so much fun. A huge passion that I can finally begin to live”, she explained.

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