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Nintendo rewards you for playing the Bravely Default II demo on Switch

The final demo of the RPG arrived on the eShop with a gift for the players

Bravely Default II will make its official debut early next year, but gamers and fans of the franchise can now take a look at the game for Switch. Square Enix and Nintendo have released several demos of the RPG, allowing fans to learn about the basic mechanics of the sequel.

If for some reason you have not been able to play the trial version of Bravely Default II , keep in mind that the companies will give you one last chance. Nintendo recently released the Final Demo of the game on the hybrid console eShop.

The good news is that the trial version will not only let you have fun for a while, but you will also receive a reward from the company. All you have to do is download the demo on your console.


Square Enix detailed that the Bravely Default II demo will let players get to know the RPG’s battle system in greater depth and take a look at its high-quality graphics. The trial version allows you to play with 4 of the protagonists of the adventure.

The demo is ideal to learn a little about the history of Seth, Gloria, Elvis and Adelle. Each of them will have jobs and various jobs in the trial version. Players who download the demo before the RPG premiere will receive a reward.

If you get the demo and try it, then Nintendo will reward you with 100 Platinum Points for My Nintendo, which you can exchange for various rewards. The company explained that players will automatically receive their prize within 30 days of downloading the demo.

Obviously, you must have an active My Nintendo account to receive the bonus. In case you don’t have one, you can create it for free . The RPG promotion will be available until February 25.


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