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Nintendo’s new measure that could affect your wallet is real

A new policy that will prevent Switch owners from having juicy discounts

Weeks ago we told you about a Nintendo policy that limited the types of discounts that can be offered in the Nintendo Switch eShop. If you are in doubt about this was real, you should know that a developer studio has already confirmed its existence and that will have consequences for your portfolio.

SMG Studio, developer in charge of Death Squared, told reddit that it is true that Nintendo has a new rule that prevents games from being sold for less than $1.99 USD in discount. As you can imagine, this is a measure that does not affect free games such as Fortnite: Battle Royale or Rocket League, but it does impact games that want to offer for less than that amount on sale.

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Now, if you have visited the eShop recently, it is likely that you have noticed that some games are being offered with that succulent discount. Among them are Plague Road and HoPiko, why can they be sold so cheaply if Nintendo doesn’t allow it? SMG Studio has the explanation.

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