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Nitr0 reportedly considering return to CSGO from Valorant

CS:GO Intel Grand Slam winner Nick ‘nitr0’ Cannella is reportedly weighing up a possible return to the game that made him a household name in esports, and ending his stint in Valorant, where he has played for 100 Thieves, earlier than expected.

What’s more, a homecoming to Team Liquid is a potential destination, according to a report from Upcomer.

Sources say that with 100 Thieves releasing their coach Hector ‘FrosT’ Rosario, the future of the roster is also uncertain.

100 Thieves narrowly missed out on booking their spot in Valorant Champions in December, after a loss to Cloud9 Blue at the Last Chance Qualifier, bowing out in 3rd place.

nitr0 playing CSGO for Team Liquid

Nitr0 lead Liquid in their most dominant period of CS:GO.

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Nitr0 back to CS:GO?

It leaves the 100 Thieves roster in a precarious position, and with the coach reportedly out the door, nitr0 could be next.

With sources close to the organization now reporting that he is considering a return to CS:GO, the puzzle pieces could fall into place.

Rumors have already swirled about nitr0’s commitment to Valorant, after fans spotted him playing FACEIT matches, alongside former Liquid teammate EliGE. He even joked that he would “save” Team Liquid.

CS:GO analyst Mauisnake also highlighted nitr0’s match history, showing him playing consistently over the week from November 7.

Of course, this could simply be a break from Valorant, but given the rumors swirling, and hopes from CS:GO fans of a return, speculation is bound to heighten.

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A return to Team Liquid would make for an exciting story, but whether it would be enough to get the organization back to winning ways is another matter.

Reports of FalleN departing to reform a Brazilian lineup could make way of course for a return to IGL for nitr0, who led the era-defining Team Liquid roster of old.

It also raises questions about the next steps for 100 Thieves in Valorant, who are sure to be on the lookout for a proven replacement, should nitr0 make the switch back to his old stomping grounds in Counter-Strike.

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