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Now it’s easier to find discounts on Steam

Offering Exploration will allow the platform to understand what you are looking for

Valve wants Steam to remain one of the best platforms to buy PC games. This is why it keeps looking for options to deliver more interesting options. In fact, you are already testing an option to make it easier to find the best Steam discounts.

Through a post, Valve announced a new experimental Steam option. This is the Offer Exploration, a system that offers a new way to search for offers on this platform.

“At the holiday sales, Steam presents thousands of discounted titles. As part of this year’s Fall Sale, we are introducing more than a dozen theme- and genre-specific offers to help players explore and discover the most popular discounted games during the event, “Valve noted. “We found that these themed pages sent more visits to the game’s store page during the sale than the rest, with the exception of the Steam store discovery point: the featured games table at the top of the main page”.

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As part of this new system, Valve will add more offers discovery page. In this way, you can now see offers divided by categories such as genre or theme. It is worth mentioning that the algorithm will show you the categories that could be interesting according to your tastes for your gaming habits.

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