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OpTic Halo returns for Infinite season after merger with Envy Gaming

OpTic Halo is back. After merging with Envy Gaming, the brand will represent both orgs for the Halo Infinite season — as announced during the Xbox 20th anniversary celebration.

With Halo Infinite’s looming launch, many eyes have turned to the Halo Championship Series season. And, on the same day that Xbox released the game’s multiplayer beta early, OpTic Gaming announced their return to the esport.

This, like the early beta launch, was surprising news to many. When the HCS originally revealed plans for 2021-22, nine orgs were listed as partners. OpTic was not one of them.

But Envy was listed among the partners and, following their merger with OpTic, both orgs will now be represented in the HCS under the green banner. Now, the lineup is confirmed and so are the plans for in-game cosmetics.

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OpTic Gaming reveal Halo Infinite HCS roster

In their announcement, OpTic introduced their players and coach — while reintroducing themselves to the Halo scene.

As it stands, here’s their roster for the new HCS season:

  • Bradley ‘aPG’ Laws
  • Justin ‘iGotUrPistola’ Deese
  • Tommy ‘Lucid’ Wilson
  • Joey ‘TriPPPeY’ Taylor
  • Jason ‘Lunchbox’ Brown (Coach)

343 Industries explain plans for Envy and OpTic Halo cosmetics

While many were simply excited by the announcement, some wondered what it meant for the existing Envy cosmetics in Halo Infinite. In response, 343 Industries’ Halo Esports Lead confirmed that the Envy bundle will remain in store for the time being.

Eventually, though, “these Envy skins will be super rare as the team transitions to OpTic.”

So if you want to rep Envy, this is the time to do it. And if you want to rep OpTic, the lineup is confirmed and the skins are on their way.

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