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Oricon: LiSA’s song ‘Homura’ surpasses 300 million views

The tracking portal Oricon reported that the single “Homura (炎)” by LiSA registered 2,201,752 weekly reproductions and was placed in the thirty-ninth position of the “Oricon Streaming Weekly RankingAnnounced on October 20. With this, the number of cumulative views reached 300,139,425, marking the first time in the history of Oricon records that a solo female artist exceeded 300 million views on one of her releases.

«LiSA is delighted with this album: “I am happy that the song ‘Homura’ was able to leave its name in the wonderful story. Thanks to this song, I have had more opportunities to be approached by people of all ages, from young children to the elderly, “and expressed his hopes for the future, saying:” I will continue to give my precious memories and thoughts in the form of a song. the best you can””Wrote an excerpt from the press release.

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The song, which was also the main theme song for the feature film Kimetsu no Yaiba: Mugen Ressha-hen, debuted in the first position in the “Oricon Streaming Weekly Ranking”On October 26, 2020, and was held in this position for seven consecutive weeks. It is a song that has been successful even before its release, staying in the top one hundred positions on the chart for fifty-three consecutive weeks to date.

The new single by LiSA, “Yuke”, registered 17,963 accumulated downloads in its first week, taking the first position in the “Oricon Weekly Digital Singles Ranking”For the first time in just three days of release, held on October 15. This song is the main theme song for the upcoming film adaptation of Sword Art Online: Progressive.

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