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Original anime SELECTION PROJECT reveals visual right at its climax

Following the broadcast of the seventh episode, on the official site for the original anime produced by Kadokawa, SELECTION PROJECT, the sixth promotional image of the project was published with the slogan «The last presentation will be a live performance by selected artists. Who will be chosen?. The series has been broadcast since October 1 in Japan through AT-X, TOKYO MX, KBS Kyoto, Sun TV, TV Aichi and BS11, and is confirmed with a total of thirteen episodes while the platform Funimation handles its distribution in the West.

Kanna hirayama, who is in charge of character design, published a special illustration to celebrate the broadcast of this seventh episode. The visual is starring the character Ao Yadogawa.

Cast of voices

  • Yuka Iwahashi as Ao Yadogawa.
  • Hina yoomiya as Nodoka Yagi.
  • Miharu hanai as Shiori Yamaga.
  • Saku mizuno as Rena Hananoi.
  • Hinaki yano as Suzune Miyama.
  • Ruri arai as Nagisa Imau.
  • Mizuna Shirakawa as Uta Koizumi.
  • Nozomi nagumo as Hiromi Hamaguri.
  • Shino shimoji as Mako Toma.
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Production team

  • Daisuke Hiramaki (Koisuru Asteroid, Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita !, Sakura Quest) is in charge of the direction of the anime in the studios Doga kobo.
  • Yuuya takahashi (Donten ni Warau, Watashitachi, Luck Logic-bu !, Luck & Logic, Lupine III (2015)) is in charge of writing and supervising the series scripts.
  • Kanna hirayama (Kanojo, Okarishimasu) is in charge of character design.
  • Youhei kisara (Angel’s 3Piece, Love Live! School idol project, PuraOre! Pride of Orange, So I Can’t Play H) is responsible for the production of the soundtrack.

Selection Project Synopsis

The multimedia project focuses on the seventh “Selection Project,” an annual idol reality show from Japan that takes place every summer. The Selection Project is the main gateway for any girl looking to become an idol, and the project follows nine girls who have won in the regional qualifying rounds. Audience votes determine which girls win or lose in these “audition battles.”

Suzune Miyama wishes to be an idol like Akari Amenazawa, an idol who debuted through a reality show. Suzune had been ill since she was little, but she often listened to Akari’s music when she went out for a walk. Akari’s voice gave Suzune smiles and courage, which encouraged her to do the same for others. In her last summer of high school, Suzune decides to enter as a participant in the seventh Selection Project, to make her dreams come true.

Source: Official Twitter Account

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