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“Pandemic that we are experiencing was predictable and preventable”

President of the Zoological Society of London argues that exploitation of wildlife predicted the emergence of pandemics.

Dominic Jermey, president of the London Zoological Society, speaking to The Independent, argues that the new coronavirus pandemic could have been predicted and prevented.

Defending that the present we live in today is the result of the excessive exploitation of natural resources. Jermey adds that one of the measures that could be taken for the future will be to close the live animal markets and ensure an alternative to the millions of people who depend on this type of market.

“While expressing my disbelief, horror and sadness with the increase in Covid -19 cases, the main emotions I feel are anger and frustration. Frustration because the pandemic we are experiencing was predictable and preventable “.

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“Humanity’s relentless exploitation of wildlife has put us at increased risk for an event like this for decades. And that knowledge has not been a big secret, despite the rhetoric of several world leaders claiming that this pandemic could not have been anticipated. The truth is that we knew it was coming “, he adds on the topic.

“It is now concluded that the illegal wildlife trade in one of China’s livestock markets has gone from an animal rights problem to a global health crisis,” he said on the topic.

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