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PGL Major Stockholm breaks CSGO viewership record

The 2021 PGL Major set a new record for highest-viewed CSGO events, racking up the numbers as people tuned in to the first LAN with fans in what felt like forever.

It wasn’t even the last day of the tournament, and the PGL Major 2021 smashed the records of the other top 5 events, all Majors as well.

On November 5 during NAVI vs Vitality quarterfinal match that same day there was a peak viewer count of 1.35 million, with over 500,000 watching on Russian language streams.

Previously, the top spot was held by the ELEAGUE Major 2017 with 1,331,781. The top most-viewed CSGO events are listed below, including PGL Major Stockholm 2021:

  • PGL Major 2021 — 1,371,762
  • ELEAGUE Major 2017 — 1,331,781
  • ELEAGUE Major 2018 — 1,329,096
  • IEM Katowice 2019 — 1,205,103
  • FACEIT Major London — 1,084,946
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Things don’t wrap up in Stockholm until November 7 either, so we very well could see that number climb even higher right along with the stakes of each match.

João Ferreira/Dexerto

The 2021 PGL Major has given fans plenty of reasons to tune in so far.

The record-breaking quarterfinals matches set up a penultimate day that should continue to give reason to watch as well. G2 takes on Heroic, and then NAVI will face off against Gambit, all for a spot in the Grand Finals.

Be sure to stay up to date on all the action at the PGL 2021 major with our official hub as well.

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