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Players suffer: Santa Claus did not bring them a PlayStation 5

Sony's new console became a trend due to its absence under the Christmas trees

While the Nintendo Switch is still the hot commodity for the 2020 holiday season, the hybrid console has enough distribution to fulfill the desire of those who want one. However, the opposite situation occurs with those who want a PlayStation 5, the second most desired console for Christmas in important markets, such as the United States, which caused players to regret not finding one under their Christmas tree.

Today in the morning, many gamers found consoles and video games waiting in their trees, not so with those who wanted a PS5, since the shortage that Sony’s console has experienced since its launch became a topic of social networks this morning. According to a report by GameRant, more than 15,000 Twitter users turned the hashtag # NOPS5 into a trend early on by sharing their frustration at not being able to get the new console.

Since its debut last November, PS5 has been one of the most sought after products, however the COVID-19 situation caused the sale to be limited to online platforms, a space that was violated by resellers and their tools, resulting in hoarding and speculation that generated profits of millions of dollars.

Thus, the intention of some players to have a PS5 for this Christmas was frustrated by various factors and now we only have to wait for the distribution and sales options to improve.



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