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PlayStation 5 special edition on the anniversary of the PS2

A retro aesthetic that you will love

Although we are getting used to its appearance by now, it is impossible to deny that the design of the PlayStation 5 was heavily criticized. After all, its color scheme and sheer size sparked several comparisons and scoffs. For this reason, many have tried to make a better design, creating special editions of the console. We were recently struck by one celebrating the anniversary of the PlayStation 2.

On reddit, user Whattheefth shared a render showing a special edition of the PlayStation 5 inspired by the retro aesthetics of the PlayStation 2. As you can imagine, it is a console that has a design in which black dominates. Of course it also has the old style of the PlayStation logo, which was full of color.

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As you can imagine, the DualSense in this special edition also has a special design. It is a control with different shades of black, while its main buttons recover the colors that characterized the DualShock controls.

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