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Pokémon GO: PokéStops are disappearing

The culprit is believed to be Niantic's new augmented reality system

Gyms and PokéStops are 2 of the most important things for Pokémon GO trainers. After all, this is where they can have clashes; capture legendary and get items. For this reason, many were scandalized when they noticed that some Poképaradas disappeared.

What happens is that a reddit user made a post in which she assured that Niantic is eliminating Poképaradas and gyms. His theory is that the company is using the information obtained with the Augmented Reality mapping tool to eliminate these areas from the game.

“The Augmented Reality tool that Niantic is trying to make you use through Field Research is being used to remove PokéStops and gyms,” says the user. “When you scan the location and Niantic thinks the location is misplaced or false, it removes it.”

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It is worth mentioning that the original post had more than 13,000 positive points, which shows that it is an idea that has the support of the community. That said, many users believe that it is a consequence of a misuse that the community has given the option to nominate PokéStops with augmented reality mapping. This is why they ask Niantic to remove it better.

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