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Popular Netorare author, Kurosu Gatari, commented on his career and inspirations

The editorial Irodori Comics posted an interview with the author of hentai manga, Kurosu gatari, recognized within fans of the genre Netorare (NTR). In this interview, Gatari commented on his professional career as an artist and some interesting information about his career. In his presentation he mentioned: «My name is Kurosu Gatari and I am a hentai mangaka. I spend most of my time working, but lately I have been playing video games a lot. I’m in a kind of “zombie attraction” so I’ve been playing Resident Evil and Last of Us».

Gatari started on his beginnings in the manga industry, which were not fruitful in the “area for all audiences“:”Actually, I started with the shounen demographic manga, but that didn’t pay off, so I moved on to adult content.». When asked if he had any intention of returning to the “general industry“Like other artists, he commented:”At the moment, no. I think that everything a mangaka wants to achieve in “commercial manga”, such as “to be picked up by a publisher”, “to sell printed books in a bookstore”, etc., can also be done in hentai. I suppose that in the case of adult works, an anime adaptation of your work cannot be broadcast on television, but that is all different, so I am content to stay in the hentai».

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He also pointed out that today it is increasingly difficult to continue drawing: «So far I have been lucky and will keep posting more and more hentai works as long as my body can handle the workload. But creating manga is not easy, and it is very hard work that stresses you both physically and mentally. I’m honestly not sure how long I’ll be able to go on like this, but I’ll do my best». Despite being a hentai artist, he noted that he also has assistants: «I work with assistants. I was an assistant to a commercial manga artist for a long time myself, so I know how important and efficient it is to have a well-functioning team to delegate tasks to. I myself plan the plot and draw the base art for all the works, but my team helps me in other areas so that I can continue to produce new works.».

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One of the “characteristic stamps”In the hentai manga produced by Gatari is the combination between the genera neorare (infidelity) and the BBC (big black cock), and Gatari commented on this: «The reason for the mix is ​​that I had in mind to publish my doujinshi abroad, so I was thinking about what might be attractive to foreign audiences. This ended up favoring me in Japan as well, as the BBC-NTR theme of “Darkest Desire” helped differentiate the series from all the other infidelity stories circulating in Japan. For this reason, the series “Darkest Desire” is one of my favorites.».

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He also pointed out that there is no particular reason why he only writes stories of the gender nether (infidelity): «The truth is that there is no specific reason. I personally like the genre, so naturally I ended up creating stories with that theme. But in the future, I would like to draw a harem story full of dominant women. A little light femdom maybe. I’m not sure my fans ask me to do a vanilla story, they know it’s not my thing».

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