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Popular Video Game Blue Archive Announces Hot Spring Event

Through his official Twitter account, the video game for smartphones developed by NAT Games and published by Yostar Games, Blue Archive, announced a special hot spring-themed event. The event titled “227-Gou Onsenkyou”Will be available soon within the application in Japan (the global server is behind the event because the title was only released this month).

The title is described as follows:

  • 3D battles with cute characters: Real-time 3D battles with detailed animations and skill scenes will keep you glued to the screen! Consider your team’s skills, terrain, and synergy to guide it to victory with your strategic leadership.
  • The more you know them, the more charming your allies will be: The more time you spend with each character, the deeper the bond will be. Interact with the game’s messenger, Momo Talk, and discover charming new secrets.
  • An exciting story that arouses curiosity to know how everything will unfold: An unpredictable main story about friendship, love, and exciting girls’ military action adventures! Discover a miracle within the wild daily lives of these characters through relationship stories that can reveal their innermost feelings, as well as sub-stories that show the daily life of various clubs!

It is worth mentioning that the Japanese version of the video game is available in the catalog of QooApp on this link.

Blue Archive Synopsis

The city academies are divided into their own districts and are considered mostly independent. The General Student Council acts as the governing board to manage the academies as a whole. However, the group’s ability to govern has been halted since the mysterious disappearance of the president of the General Student Council. Endless problems have started to crop up across Kivotos in the absence of the president’s leadership.

To avoid disaster, the General Student Council enlists the help of the Federal Research Club, also known as Schale. In fact, Schale is the newest club in town and the last to be approved before the president’s demise. To carry out his task, Schale has the guidance of a Sensei to help them solve the incidents around Kivotos.

Source: Official Twitter Account

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