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Popular video game Fortnite leaves China market

On November 15 in China, users stopped having access to their accounts in the popular multiplayer video game Fortnite. This is because its developer, Epic games, withdrew the Chinese version of the title because the country’s authorities have increased the regularization of the video game and information technology industry within their territory.

Epic games had already announced two weeks ago that it would close the Fornite in China on November 15, simply explaining that testing of the video game in that country had ended. On November 15, players from China reported through their social media that they had already lost access to their accounts. The parting words invaded the social network Weibo (known as the “Twitter of China”) where the hashtag of Fortnite it got more than 470 million mentions.

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One person posted: «Friends who played together, let’s meet again if fate permits». Fortnite is a shooter video game with construction elements. It is one of the most popular games in the world, with more than 350 million players. A trial version of the game was released for China in 2018, but the necessary approvals for its official launch and monetization were not finally obtained.

Last year, the Chinese government launched a broad crackdown on the information technology industry, claiming that it had become too big and too influential. Regulators have also raised concerns about the amount of time children spend playing online, and have called on the video game industry to set limits on users’ age and play time. There have also been delays in the approval process for new games.

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