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Pouncey Brothers Announce Retirement From NFL

Both Players were playing in the league for more than 10 Years

The twins Mike and Maurkice Poncey retired as professional soccer players in the NFL, after more than 10 years of playing, the announcement was made by a former teammate of Maurkice, through social networks.

“It is an honor for me that my brothers from another (mother) asked me to announce the next stage of their lives. After more than a decade Mike and Maurkice are retiring from the NFL, ”posted Ramon Foster, a former player for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Maurkice played his entire career with the Steelers, after being selected in the 18th pick of the 2010 Draft and was selected nine times to play the Pro Bowl and twice the All Pro.

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While Mike was chosen in the 2011 Draft by the Miami Dolphins, where he was until 2017 and from there he went to the Los Angeles Chargers in three seasons.

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