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Powerful fighter from Street Fighter EX will join Street Fighter V

The character will come to the game as a special outfit for Akuma

Capcom and Arika decided to collaborate to bring original content from the Street Fighter EX series to Street Fighter V. A few weeks ago Skullomania’s arrival in the game was announced, but not as a selectable character as such.

In case you don’t remember, the companies decided to start with a series of special Street Fighter EX character outfits. Thus, Skullomania’s outfit arrived in Extra Battle mode as exclusive to fighter G.

This content will continue as another Street Fighter EX character, which we also saw in Fighting EX Layer, is coming to Capcom’s latest fighting game very soon.

Another Street Fighter EX fighter is coming to Street Fighter V soon

The companies chose another iconic fighter from Street Fighter EX, who will also be available in Street Fighter V as an outfit. This means that he will not be joining the game’s roster officially as DLC.

The character in question is none other than Garuda, whose story is related to Akuma and Kairi. For this reason, the original Street Fighter EX character will be available in Street Fighter V as an outfit for Akuma.


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