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Princess Mako of Japan renounces royalty to marry her college boyfriend

In Japan, Princess Mako of Akishino she has married her boyfriend from college, Kei komuro, thus losing his royalty status and changing his name from Mako komuro. Under Japanese law, women in the imperial family lose their status by marrying a “commoner,” although men do not. He also skipped the usual rites of a royal wedding and declined the payment offered to royal women upon leaving the family. She is the first female member of the royal family to reject both.

The BBC reported on this: ‘The couple are expected to move to the United States, where Mr. Komuro works as a lawyer, after the marriage. The move has drawn inevitable comparisons to British royals Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, earning them the nickname “Harry and Meghan of Japan.” Like Ms. Markle, Mr. Komuro has come under intense scrutiny since his relationship with Ms. Mako was announced. He was recently criticized for wearing a ponytail upon his return to Japan. Some tabloid newspapers and social media users considered her hairstyle, considered unconventional in Japan, to be inappropriate for someone who was going to marry a princess, so there was also a protest against the couple’s wedding.».

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At a press conference, Mako said that he apologized for the inconvenience caused by his marriage: “I am very sorry for the inconvenience caused and I thank those who have continued to support me”He said, according to an NHK report. «For me, Kei is irreplaceable: marriage was a necessary option for us». Kei komuro He added that he loved Mako and wanted to spend his life with her. «I want Mako. We only have one life, and I want us to spend it with the person we love.“He said according to an AFP report. «I feel very sad that Mako has been in poor condition, mentally and physically, because of the false accusations»He added.

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«The excessive media coverage that has surrounded the couple over the years has caused the princess to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, as previously stated by the Imperial Household Agency (IHA). Their relationship has been the subject of controversy in the country. On Tuesday, people were photographed protesting the marriage in a Japanese park. Many slogans seemed to bring out the financial problems of the Kei Komuro family, specifically his mother. The ex-princess got engaged to the Komuro in 2017 and the two were to get married the following year. However, the marriage was delayed due to the Kei Komuro’s mother having financial problems: apparently, she had asked her ex-fiancé for a loan and had not paid it back. The palace denied that the delay was related to this, although Crown Prince Fumihito said it was important that monetary matters were resolved before the couple married.“Said the statement.

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Princess Mako of Japan renounces royalty to marry her college boyfriend

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