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Pro warzone duo disbands after one player oversleeps $400k tournament

A top-tier Call of Duty: Warzone duo has officially parted ways after one player slept through a $400,000 tournament. Since Blazt missed the start time for the World Series of Warzone, MuTeX is looking for a new teammate.

The November World Series of Warzone tournament pit 75 duos against each other in a private lobby with $300,000 on the line. To cap it off, it allowed all 150 players to play a Solos match for $100,000.

However, while other duos warmed up and got ready for action, Charlie ‘MuTeX’ Saouma was frantically trying to find his teammate, Rasim ‘Blazt’ Ogresevic. With the tournament scheduled to start for 3 p.m. ET, Blazt was nowhere to be found.

Eventually, after an hour spent calling Blazt and his girlfriend, MuTeX was forced to play the first match by himself. Afterward, he found an organizer-approved replacement for the next matches. Sometime mid-tournament, Blazt finally woke up from a… 15-hour slumber.

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Warzone pro sleeps through $400,000 tournament

As you can see in the embedded tweets above, MuTeX took to Twitter in confusion that his teammate was “MIA” for the big event. He tweeted at 3:03 p.m., past the intended start time for the event. Over an hour later, Blazt finally tweeted that he had woken up at 4:19 p.m.

By that point, MuTeX had already been forced to play the first match as a solo in a private lobby filled with crack duos. Then, he’d found a new duo with which to play out the rest of the $300,000 portion of the event.

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Unsurprisingly, MuTeX and his new partner didn’t have the chemistry to beat out a lobby full of experienced teams. Afterward, he let Twitter know that him and Blazt were parting ways.

Top-tier Warzone duo, MuTeX and Blazt, split up

MuTeX put out a simple statement on social media: “I will be looking for a new duo to compete with for the upcoming warzone events.”

Many are feeling bad about the situation, with fellow streamer Holly pointing out that people don’t realize how difficult sleep schedules are when you have a child. Blazt’s baby was born in July 2021, but he has maintained that his offspring didn’t have “anything to do with it.”

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Instead, the former pro explained in the replies that he didn’t set an alarm because he didn’t think he would sleep 15 hours straight.

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