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Promotional video of Chainsaw Man is pre-animated

The Otaquest portal published an article entitled “MAPPA studios reused the tactic of the pre-animated trailer in Chainsaw Man”, which commented on the “high possibility” that the most recent promotional video of the animated Chainsaw Man adaptation does not reflect the true animation work of the series.

“Presented during the MAPPA Studios 10th Anniversary event, it looks really good, meeting the months in advance that have been building since the announcement was first made more than half a year ago.
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However, it’s worth noting that this trailer is probably not an accurate reflection of what the Chainsaw Man anime will actually look like. ”

“This is because, in all probability, it is pre-animated. There is no confirmation of this through official sources, but it can be inferred from the type of footage presented: if the shots were taken from the actual production, for example, then the scene with Aki, Denji, and Power eating at the table. it shouldn’t even have been animated yet. Unless the production has several episodes and even seasons ahead!”

“Also, some of the sequences in this first Chainsaw Man trailer are completely new, like Kobeni playing in the ocean with Power and Denji. Without a doubt, they are meant to serve as nods to the audience that reads manga”

“In fact, this would not be the first time MAPPA has put together a pre-animated trailer to showcase a highly anticipated project. Our first look at Shingeki no Kyojin: The Final Season was also made up almost entirely of images created for promotional purposes, even with scenes that would not make it to the finished product due to the number of episodes. The argument is that a pre-animated trailer sets a standard for the production team, but there are several problems with this.”

First of all, Shingeki no Kyojin: The Final Season finally didn’t end up looking like the initial reveal. Not only were the Titans primarily animated in 3D, but the direction took on a more strained dimension as the adaptation progressed.
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And now we know how overloaded and exhausted the MAPPA animators are, with freelancer Mushiyo comparing the studio’s working conditions to those of a “factory”.

As a result, it remains to be seen if the Chainsaw Man anime can truly live up to the high standards set by this trailer. The lack of a specific release date, at least, implies that the production team is planning to take whatever it takes to get it right. I want to believe, but a reel of pre-animated scenes is not enough to overcome my anxieties for the moment

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