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PUBG: Battle Royale performance and stability improvement 2021

PUBG Corp. promised to have better quality control for their patches

The company will not forget the players of PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, because in a new publication it affirmed that it prepares general improvements of performance and stability. Thus, they shared part of their plans to improve the Battle Royale in the coming months.

The studio also took the opportunity to thank gamers for all their support throughout 2020. Joon H. Choi, who is in charge of the game on consoles, is committed to improving the game in the short and long term.

PUBG will have several improvements in 2021

PUBG Corp. accepted that its latest patches for the Battle Royale have not been the best in terms of quality. The company has received several reports of freezes, long load times, low fps and other problems.

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The developers were once again committed to improving the title, but asked players for patience. In early 2021 they will focus on performance and overall game stability.

PUBG Corp. explained that some of the problems were caused by the number of versions that currently exist of the game, which requires that different teams work with the same code base.

“It is important to better prevent these input problems and in 2021 we will carry out more stringent performance and stability checks in our quality control tests,” the study said.

On the other hand, game problems that have only been found on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will be solved. PUBG Corp. pointed out that solving them will take a little time, since it also involves fixing the versions for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 .

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