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What does it mean to dream of rats?

Within Western culture, one of the animals that causes the greatest social rejection is the rat. The dream of rats can have many meanings and origins, but generally are negative connotation. They are animals that are highly infused with death or disease and are often considered a pest .

Among the most recurrent meanings, dreaming of rats can imply nervousness, problems not faced or fears from the unconscious . Beneath it, anxiety problems can lie, generally related to things that the person rejects in their daily life.

Still, there is no single explanation for these types of dreams, but it depends on the context of each person. In this sense, it is important to be able to identify in which area of ​​life it is the most affected and, based on this, to be able to analyze the dream so that it is not only in that dream stage and nothing else.

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However, it should be noted that this multiplicity of meanings at the time when dreams of rats can have different origins and therefore, all the details must be considered before analyzing a particular dream, as well as the way in which face the potential problems that the unconscious visualizes.

White, black, big, small rats …

For example, dreaming of white rats can mean that, despite the fact that there are problems to face, the subconscious maintains an optimistic attitude to solve them, which is why it is considered that it is capable of overcoming an obstacle. While dreaming of black rats represents a totally opposite perspective in which the person can succumb to those fears.

In addition, the size of the rats in dreams is important. If they are small, it may mean that although problems exist, they are of minor importance in the unconscious and do not pose a great threat . On the contrary, dreaming of large rats warns that you are facing much more serious problems, often related to major crises (work, partner, family).

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It is important to emphasize that attention must be paid to the action of rats in dreams to interpret them. In this sense, if the dream involves a rat entering the house itself , it may mean that the mind is not entirely comfortable with its daily life and there is something in the immediate environment that is bothering the person.

The worst case scenario is when in dreams, rats are biting or, in an extreme case, eating the person. In such cases it implies that you have an extreme fear of facing a personal problem that is of great importance.

There are those who interpret that dreaming of rats not only represents negativity or fear, but can also be associated with a change that is coming and that rats simply represent the exit from a comfort zone to which the subconscious has become accustomed. Being animals that generate discomfort in Western culture, a dream of this style can be the way in which the mind resists a very strong change.

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Rats in other cultures

Although on this side of the world rats are seen as an unpleasant animal, Eastern culture, especially the Chinese horoscope, links the rat with generosity, hope, surprise and kindness. In this regard, it is associated with a person who can provide much more than it appears in any situation.

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