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Rekkles reportedly leaving G2 in shock move to French side Karmine Corp

Rumors have emerged about a potential transfer for benched G2 AD carry Martin ‘Rekkles’ Larsson, linking him with a move to French org Karmine Corp.

The Rekkles saga may be nearing its end.

Rumors have emerged that Rekkles, who has been inactive on G2 since mid-October, may be headed to the European Regional Leagues and EU Masters-winning org, Karmine Corp.

The speculation has only been heightened by cryptic tweets from some of the players involved.

Image of G2 Rekkles
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Rekkles may be finding a new team, if new rumors are correct

KC Rekkles?

On November 12, G2 owner Carlos announced he had applied for a rule change that would allow for the loaning for players within League of Legends esports. If approved, it would have allowed G2 to explore new avenues in moving inactive AD carry Rekkles.

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However, just over 12 hours before free agency officially began on November 15, the speculation surrounding Rekkles’ future delivered another twist.

First reported by Esportsmanicos’ Yuste Amero, Rekkles will reportedly join Karmine Corp, the highly successful ERL org that has won the past two editions of EU Masters.

This report was partially disputed by Dot Esports’ Pablo Suárez, who indicated the deal was not finalized.

Karmine Corp, who are reportedly seeing several of their players leave for the LEC when free agency opens on November 15, had been in talks with Norwegian AD carry Jakob ‘Jackspektra’ Kepple, according to Upcomer’s Briecu Seeger. Jackspektra was released by Cream Real Betis prior to the start of free agency on November 15.

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Jackspektra proceeded to tweet an indication that Amero’s report of a breakdown in talks was in fact correct.

However, the offseason has seen its fair amount of trolling and the Norwegian could be playing into the pre-free agency shenanigans.

Fans of Rekkles will have to wait until 5AM CEST to see whether the reports are accurate or if reports of his departure have been greatly exaggerated.

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