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Report that the remakes of Pokémon censored some texts in English

The Twitter user “エ ニ (@iuntue)”Shared a curiosity about a dialogue that was altered in the English localization of the video game remake Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl. In the original video game scene, the character and his female companion are called “a couple in love”In both Japanese and English translations. «So, what is it? Are you some lovey-dovey couple to the rescue? (So what’s up? Are you a loving couple to the rescue?) »Wrote the original translation into English, being faithful to Japanese.

However, while in Japanese the remake kept the same phrase, only changing the writing of a word without changing the context of the dialogue, the English translation completely changed the dialogue so as not to indicate that they are a couple. «How cute! Do you two think you can save the day in your little game of hero? (How beautiful! Do you think you can save the day in your little game of heroes?) », Write the new translation.

The user also shared another change made to the English translation of the remake. The original sentence wrote: «Heheh! This gym is great! It’s full of women! (Hahaha. This gym is great! It’s full of women!) ”, However, while the remake kept the same phrase in Japanese, the new English translation changed to:“Haha! This Gym is great! It’s full of strong Trainers! (Haha! This gym is great! It’s full of strong coaches!) ».

Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Synopsis

The video games chronicle the adventures of a new Pokémon trainer who seeks to become the League Champion by capturing and training these creatures. Like most titles in the series, Diamond and Pearl feature eight Pokémon Gyms run by Gym Leaders, professional Trainers whose expertise resides in a particular Pokémon type. These serve as bosses and reward coaches gym medals, key to advancing the plot. As with all major installments, the protagonist must also thwart the plans of a crime syndicate, in this case Team Galaxy, who plans to use Pokémon to create a new universe just for themselves, while at the same time destroying the current one. .

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