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Scientists Aim to Create Electricity Through Shadow

Panels can charge electricity with all kinds of light, even through shadows.

A group of Singaporean scientists are trying to create a new method of generating energy that is largely produced by shadows. Its goal is to help big cities manage to produce their own energy one day.

The shadow effect energy generator (SEG), which is being developed by the National University of Singapore, has the potential to take advantage of solar cells even in spaces that do not have uninterrupted light.

To function effectively, SEG requires light and darkness. The panels used by these scientists take advantage of different shades of light to be able to produce energy, which means that even the shadows allow it to be produced.

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The panels are about 6 cm square and are capable of producing only 0.25 volts, which means that it takes about 20 to power a lamp or charge a cell phone, says the NY Post.

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