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Scump reaches $1m CoD earnings with record-breaking World Series of Warzone win

Call of Duty League star Seth ‘Scump’ Abner has become just the sixth player in history to reach $1m earned from Call of Duty, with his incredible World Series of Warzone win on November 17.

The World Series of Warzone on November 17 had $300k on the line in a duos tournament and the $100,000 winner-takes-all Solo YOLO tournament.

While HusKerrs and Newbz won the duo side of things, Scump defied all odds to take down some of Warzone’s greatest names in an incredible regain and become the $100k Solo Warzone champion.

Now, he’s tipped himself over the $1m tournament earnings mark after a decade-long career, becoming the fifth highest-earning player in Call of Duty and the only player to win both a CoD world championship and the World Series of Warzone.

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Scump hits $1m CoD earnings

scump and dashy optic chicago
Call of Duty League

Scump is one of the most decorated players in CoD history.

Scump went on a near-impossible regain to get himself the win. Dropping back in from the Gulag, he just about managed to get a loadout drop and ripped through multiple opponents with just a Diamatti pistol.

With four left in the game, he made a brilliant gas mask play to take down duos champion HusKerrs before finishing off Aydan in a 1v1 for the ages.

Scump’s reaction to the historic win says it all, jumping up and screaming, amazed that he somehow pulled off one of the most clutch wins in Warzone history.

This win makes Scump the fifth highest-earning Call of Duty player of all time, beaten only by multiple-time world champions.

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There has been a lot of debate about how CDL pros would fare in elite competition in Warzone, and to answer any doubters, Scump’s win has really helped to set the record straight.

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