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Scump trolls “salty” Twitch viewer mad about his World Series of Warzone win

Seth ‘Scump’ Abner expanded his Call of Duty trophy collection with a huge World Series of Warzone solo win in November 2021 — and he trolled a “salty” viewer moaning about it in his Twitch chat several days later.

Scump’s Solo YOLO win was definitely a shock, with the OpTic Texas CDL pro beating out seasoned Warzone pros who have been grinding the game for two years.

That said, it was something almost the entire CoD community celebrated as it unfolded, with the face of competitive Call of Duty a favorite among not just fans but his peers as well.

Not everyone was celebrating, however, with some seemingly unhappy about Scump stepping into a new realm and still being dominant — but he had some words for them.

Scump reacts to low ranking on all-time CoD list, "I have 29 championships"

Scump is no stranger to winning, but he definitely enjoyed that World Series of Warzone victory.

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Responding to a slightly snarky comment from a viewer in his chat, Scump unleashed on people trying to downplay his accomplishments.

When one viewer said that “Scump is not the best Warzone player,” adding that the CDL star “only won one game,” Scump had to put them in their place.

“Listen brother,” he said. “I came into Verdansk, I came in an underdog. I know you’re salty about this, but I dropped my ballbag right on Verdansk. You know that? I came in, an underdog story, and I f**king persevered, and you know what? I love it. I loved every second of it … No way you’re still salty about this s**t! Get over it!”

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While Scump is universally recognized as one of Call of Duty’s greatest ever talents, it’s definitely not a stretch to say that he was an underdog in the World Series of Warzone tournaments given his lack of game time in the BR title.

Nevertheless, he clearly loved winning the tournament and is making the most of celebrating it with both fans and critics alike.

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