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Second Chapter Of ‘Final Fantasy VII Remake’ Already In Production

The Covid-19 pandemic is believed to have disrupted (for a moment) game production.

It was in April that we had the opportunity to play the first part of ‘Final Fantasy VII Remake’, a game long awaited by fans and which ended up being considered one of the most ambitious titles of the first half of the year. If you have already played it you will certainly be looking forward to the continuation of the ‘remake’ and, if it is your case, you will be pleased to know that the next chapter is already in production.

It was the production company Square-Enix that, in an interview with the Japanese magazine Famitsu, confirmed that it is already in full production, says Eurogamer. This means that all departments of the development team are already in their respective roles, creating all the elements to shape the new chapter of ‘Final Fantasy VII Remake’.

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Note that Square-Enix has not offered any predictions regarding the launch of this ‘Final Fantasy VII Remake’ chapter, so we’ll have to wait a little longer for ads from the Japanese publisher.

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