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Seven Knights game could have anime adaptation

A leak announced that the smartphone role-playing game distributed by Netmarble Company, Seven Knights, will inspire an anime adaptation. The production details as well as the officialization of the announcement will be given soon.
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The game was developed in South Korea, with a global version released separately two years after the original release and currently available. The game begins with a tutorial that shows the player the use of abilities to attack opponents and summon other heroes to assist him. Later, the Adventure Mode is introduced and the search system works.

According to its description in store, Seven Knights is a game that offers a visual experience never seen before, with player versus player combat that will test the skills of each user, an internal system of guilds and extraordinary graphics. The global version still continues to receive updates, with the most recent released on November 12. It is worth mentioning that this is a free game, although it has an internal store.

Seven Knights Synopsis

On the day the sun refuses to rise, it is said that twelve chosen humans from Earth were blessed by the God of Destruction to wield a portion of his strength. Among them, seven were chosen in the Land of Asgar. Their deadly powers threatened each other and war seemed inevitable. The Goddess Ellena, sympathizing with the acts of humans, selected a boy as her tool to prevent war, granting her powers deep within her consciousness.

Evan, the grandson of the General of the Terra Kingdom, sets out on a journey to fulfill his grandfather’s will and reveal the secrets of his relic, a mysterious necklace.
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Accompanied by Karin, the girl whom Evan saved from a goblin attack that destroyed everything she loved, Evan now travels deep into the fragile tranquility within the world of the Seven Knights …

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