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Several temporary exclusives for PlayStation 5 revealed

UPDATE: Sony updated the trailer to remove the dates

Update: Sony has already uploaded the video of its CES 2021 presentation to YouTube. What drew attention is that it removed the date of third-party games that appeared in it. At the moment it is unknown if this change implies that the information was inaccurate.

This week the digital edition of CES 2021 is taking place and Sony had a conference there. One of the topics that were touched on was PlayStation and, although no announcements were shared that fill us with hype, there were interesting details. For example, they revealed the release window for several temporary exclusives for PlayStation 5.

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As part of the conference, Sony showed a video in which he talked about the sales success of the PlayStation 5 and the expansion of the franchises of this brand. They also showed some games that are on their way to the next-gen console, but had already been previously confirmed.

What’s interesting is, at the end of the video, Sony shared some of the release windows for future games. Thanks to this we know interesting things like, for example, Pragmata was delayed from 2022 to 2023. On the other hand, it also dates temporary exclusives such as Ghostwire: Tokyo and Project Athia.

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