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Shock in Colombia Due to death of Doctor: He Did Not Receive His Salary but Continued to Attend

What Happened?

Heandel Renteria was his name and he was 40 years old. He worked as a doctor in a hospital in Chocó, Colombia and, although he had not received his salary for several months, he never put aside his vocation to help, much less during the coronavirus pandemic.

During his work as a doctor, caring for patients with the virus, Heandel became infected and after a few days it worsened, that’s when his health situation was complicated and he died due to the disease.

Hospital Did Not Have Protection For Staff

Through his Twitter account, Heandel made a “complaint” where he made clear the precarious conditions which the medical personnel faced in the pandemic.

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“Healthcare personnel of the San Francisco de Asís hospital are facing the situation. But are living without state aid and without wages for 5 months, ” he wrote on the digital platform.

A Tough Battle

“He told me that he felt ‘bad’, that he was not well, that he had a fever. I told him to get tested and he did it. It came out positive, ” Rosa Mary Perea, one of the nurses who worked with this doctor at the hospital, told Heracles who contracted the virus.

When he tested positive, he was treated at that medical center, but ten days later his situation became complicated and he was transferred to an ICU in Medellín, where his colleagues made all medical efforts.

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During his fight, which lasted just over a month, Heandel contracted pneumonia that ended up worsening his clinical picture.

“All very sad because we are working with our fingernails, risking our lives to death, to save other people,” said Anayency Mosquera, a colleague of the Colombian doctor.

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